Sunday, July 25, 2004
yea . i finally posted . dunno wad to say..... wenmin!!! u call me to post then chor wen neh? not even once!!!! lolx hahax.  ok i don have anythin to say, don wanna sound crappy. yea. band was okie but mr tan was scary. n jia yan n sara went on sat. ya... ya.... then..... er........erm......... dunno.............. so....... bye........ bye......


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ok.. let me see.... 9 more days to the day of doom.. PRELIMS!! argh! there's so much things to revise, and yet there's so little time... Facts cun seem to squeeze into my limited size brain.. The rush of adrenaline during late night study.. argh... hate it!! Furthermore, that stupid principal demands an L1R5 of 10 or less, which is impossible for me.. haiz, AJ AJ. Its drifting further and further... BleaHz.... hahaz, no sch for me from tue to fri... BUT, its mugging time... sianz... hmm, ok, enojoy urself in band!!

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Sunday, July 04, 2004

as you all know, yeahh CHIJmes performance! was really freakkee for melanie, wen i stood nxt to her..hahah!! i'm sure many of you band ppl were too! but suprisinly i wasn't actually..i felt like any normal performance.I felt more scared at POP!haha! hmm..majority of the ppl there were there to see the cheerleader's butts.hmm. so can see tt lots of dem are stunned (not in a gd wae) all "eerrr." faced. den we had to leave just likdat, so irritedmanz! wanted to go bak again there with gwen &maria but cannot so we went cp kfc* a series of stuff happened.hmm..WENMIN ur stomachy achey okay liaoz mah? yeahh

den i went to meet with church friends at mac but saw Hoesistas and sum sec4s tt i saw at chijmes. smiled at me for no reason? hahaz..den i went there. talked to charmaine(frm our sch sec4) abt the chijmes thingy den went home wen my brother and chris (maine's bro) and went up the hill to my hse and it was late, and drk but we made soo much noise! haah! den disturb my fren at her hse on the wae there. aiyoz.can u imagine u hear two guys shouting ur name outside ur hse? haha!

they went to watch saving private ryan and i went up to rest hahaz..played Oz. so fun.hahaz! oh ya.Brenda plays Oz too! hahaz.

okayy..I 've blogged my prt and played my prt. now you guys turn!! to read it and taggggg!!

p.s check out my diary's new layout i've made!haha!and tagg plzz!! pinkilicious!

+ vindicated //m e r s a

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Saturday, July 03, 2004
yayz... POP and CHIJMES performance is finally over! freedom now! Our efforts pay off.. we've played fantastically for chijmes! This builds up the reputation of sjc band. Well done, and keep up the good work. most importantly, continue to practice hard!!!! yeah, and hope we'll be granted with the end of yr concert. Sianz, gotta study 4 prelims..


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Friday, June 18, 2004
cun let the blog die.. mus blog...

haiz... there's only left with one week of hols.. sobz sobz.. still piles of hw untouched.. prelims is jus 2 mths away!! argh!!! die die!! my books are collecting dust in my drawers.

next week will be under the hot hot sun.. sianz...


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Thursday, June 03, 2004
hmm...i dun belive in fortune tellers..i think it is juz obvious tt ppl will get hurt..cause the rides ARE dangerous..but i shall not argue at it..

bak to happie===>>i didn't know tt there was no band this week only on Sunday wen i was ABT to leave msn wen wenmin said hi..HAHAZ>>thanks WENMIN!!!hahaZ..u noe my previous entry..yeahh..i cud go for tt camp..everyday// i didn't pay for it so i went visit there and help out everyday.but didn't slp fun especially yesterday..i stayed there until 12:30am and my mom came to fetch me.. it is at woodlands by the way..after much pursuading, only would my mom cum and fetch me..yeahh..

there was nite was to test the kid's faith. see if they really have faith in God. well, most of them had..i was so prouda dem.admire* they were lyk. "then so be it, i shall go into the torture chamber" hahaZ..yeahh..i was incharge of torture chamber..but im not so cruel as to torture dem soo i only blindfold*.. the tortures were.separating a bowl of green beans and rice or carrying chairs for long jus singin lol*..but the dark scary-looking toilet may scare dem...


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Monday, May 31, 2004
oh! hols r here . but veri sianz leh. haiz so much wk to do n nothin muchie on da net . oh ya ! heard somethin frm moi cousin tis mornin. sound kinda stupid but creepy though . should i believe it? or should i not? and would u believe it ? heres da story. she told me ..........

her fren's dad went to a fortune teller daily. n tad fortune teller is very accurate. wad he said mostly came true . there was once , dunno wad happen lar he tok tok tok tok n one day , wad he predicted relli happened! n tis time , he said tad hell is collecting kids . ( cos i asked if she wanna go escape) n tad a fortune teller predict that somthing will go wrong wif one of da rides . n tad nowadays many kids r dead . like tad boi hu dashes across da road . etc ya lor ... n blah blah blah .
think its true??? . theres only one way to prove it, watch da news. haha
anyway , enjoy practising ur instruments!
(haiz like very stupid hor? no choice lar i very sianz)
~`~`~+++ WEnDy +++~`~`~

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yay!!! chi Os is finally over!! hmm, now i'm still on the 'chinese mode'.. feel like blogging in chinese, bt too bad dun hv han shen. haiz.. no confidence for pp1.. my flow of thoughts were constantly disrupted by the coughing and sneezing sound from somewhere at the back, and the 'click-clock' walking sound of the female teachers.. argh!! so irritating!! furthermore, there's aeroplane by-passing now and then.. wad the... y mus they fly past at that moment when i jus thought of some gd points!!! ok, enuff of complaining.. bleahz...

den came paper 2.. the comphre was sth related to music.. its abt the determination of this man wanting to pursue his dream of composing music despite having the 'dunno wad' illness, where he cun control his hands properly; going for the op to live on even when the rate of success is low, cos 'music gives him the strength'.. most of the qn was to ask us express in our own thoughts...

anyway, its over!! haiz, dun tink tt i wld be able to see an a1..


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Sunday, May 30, 2004
heyaZ!! tmr got band..p.o.p is sSooo near..I'm scared i dunno wad to do.. and Suyu Ma'am says i shake her hand very firm( too firm) lol* hahahZ. but okayy lah..wadeveah..kinna confused..hahaZ..

i actually gotta help out at my church's children's camp! but got i only can visit during tuesdae!!(amongst the three day camp.tmr,tues&wed&thursay-last day only clearing up and stuff) i think the auntie dun allow me to stay there on monday nite after band ( it's at woodlands )..u noe lyk planning to stay there overnite till the nxt day wen there is no band ..and actually wanna go escape with frenz on wed..but got i cannot go!!

wow..look at the sacrifices i make for band!!hahahZ!! (:

GodBless you all!

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The descendants
+//4 integrity
+//st Elizabeth
+//12 june 88

+//3 integrity
+//st Catherine
+//29 april 89

+//2 faith
+//st Catherine
+//25 may 90

+//2 Benevolence
+//st Emily

+//chor wen aka chor lor
+//1 humility
+//st Helen
+//25 aug

+//1 humility
+//St Helen
+//16 may 90
Our ancestors

+// Tammie chua
+// ITE band
+// BM ‘02
+// bday

+//Lynette Koh
+//TPJC concert band

some words...

The aim of mastering the art of trombone playing
+ irritate our band mates with our slide during practice
+ strengthen our left arm and lengthen our right arm
+ a substitute for siren to save electricity due to the rapid depletion of fossil fuels
+ to block the pathway by placing it on the floor
+ a weapon for warfare
+ to blast and irritate everyone

prominent natural resources

teaching tips
how to extend uR range
some tips..
how to play well?
christian lindberg, the great apeh trombonist

fellow tribes-women

KaY miAnG
mEriSSa 1 *2

french horns

introducing the



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